Is PR at the centre of your marketing communications – if not, why not?

Some years ago, as marketing manager for a growing business software company we handled most of our marketing activity internally and PR was always the ‘poor relation’ to other marketing activities.  Why?  Well the main reason was that it needed dedicated, focused time to write articles, press releases and case studies, speak to customers, liaise with team members, get things approved – and that’s before you go through the process of getting your precious piece out to the press never knowing if it will actually be printed.

We made the right decision to outsource PR, which not only gave us more focus (because we were paying for it) but it made us do the right things in terms of planning and prioritising what we needed to support our business growth strategy.

Now, with the rapid growth of online media and social media, PR can give you even wider visibility and presence that remains forever online. Quality PR content that delivers the right message to the right people is core to supporting integrated marketing campaigns and brings the added value of re-use across your whole marketing kitbag:

  • Your own website content changes regularly and in-bound links from published articles enhances your search engine ranking.
  • New content to drive social media engagement.
  • Relevant content can be utilised in direct mail, email marketing and supporting corporate & sales collateral.

And don’t forget, editors – whether online or offline – are always looking for good quality content and relevant news.

You know you’ve got some great stories to tell, so don’t be mean – share them!